The Anthropocene, a human imprint at a global-scale. This site and the project Children in the Anthropocene  explores how the fragility of children and their nonhuman companions are engaged in a dance of daily survival of shared vulnerabilities in our cities  around the globe. It recognises the unsettling that the naming of the Anthropocene has administered – and will continue to administer – as a massive jolt to our collective imagination of our ‘selves’. The irony being we as a species, amongst others, find ourselves,  both as the monster and maker of these precarious times. The concept of the Anthropocene assumes a generalized anthropos, whereby all humans and nonhumans are equally implicated and all equally affected. Through my research I seek to bring attention to the way the environmental crisis accentuates rather than diminishes differences between the privileged and the not so privileged; the human and the non human. Because we are not all in the Anthropocene together, the children and the nonhuman kin they share the world with, are far more in it than others.

If you would like to learn more about the project Children in the Anthropocene please contact me through this blog site or email me directly on kazmalone@gmail.com or kmalone@swin.edu.au